About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Preeti Jaiswal, and I’m a self-taught cake artist. I hail from a family where freshly cooked food is always valued. Growing up, I believe, my skills of learning the basics in cooking developed when I would sit beside my mother and see her make these simple yet delicious home-made recipes which were appreciated by all. Therefore, it was not just the taste, but also the satisfaction received from others which motivated me to make desserts, especially cakes, in a simple yet elegant manner. And even though it started off as a hobby, making cakes for friends and family, it soon turned into my profession in 2018 after much encouragement from whoever tasted my desserts. And thus, I started making all kinds of cakes going from simple classic buttercream to gravity-defying sculptural cakes!

In my kitchen, everything is freshly baked from scratch, using the finest quality hand-picked ingredients. Each cake is custom designed according to customers’ requests based on their ideas and preference for all sorts of things such as flavors, designs, and decor. I work closely with them in understanding their thoughts and then reflecting it into a 3-dimensional artistic piece. For me, every thought matters because in the end it is the customer whom I value the most because my cake journey began with seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

Thank you for your time and consideration.